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Secure video calling with your healthcare provider

When you have CML, you will visit your physician in the hospital at least 3 to 4 times a year. If your CML is under control or if it is not always easy for you to come to the hospital, a video consultation can be a solution. A video consultation is the same as Skype or FaceTime; you see and talk to your physician via a video link. This connection is extra secured because privacy-sensitive data is discussed.

How does a video consultation work?

Not every hospital uses video consultation yet. Ask your physician about this option. You are usually invited to the video consultation by an e-mail from your physician or their assistant. The email contains a link, and if you click on it, you will be taken to a virtual waiting room. When it is your turn, the physician will invite you to his digital consultation room. During the video call, the physician can share their screen with you. As a patient, you can also share your screen with your physician, enabling you to view the data together.

The benefits of a video consultation

  • You don't have to go to the hospital
  • You can talk to your healthcare provider from a trusted environment, for example at home or work
  • You save on travel time and costs
  • It is more personal than calling
  • During the video call, the physician can share his screen with you, and you can share your screen with the physician

Privacy and security of a video consultation

Just like in a normal consultation, privacy-sensitive matters are discussed during a video consultation. That is why healthcare providers and video consultation providers must comply with rules and laws concerning information security, privacy, and the protection of personal data. Video contact via FaceTime or Skype is not secure enough for a video consultation.

A video consultation is a secure conversation that is not stored, not by the product or the developer of the service, nor by your physician. Some data will be stored. This may vary per product. For example, sometimes it may be necessary to save your email address to send you the video consultation invitation. In addition to your email address, some developers will also store your name, date of birth and gender, for example.


Is a video consultation reimbursed?

Yes, a video consultation with a medical specialist is reimbursed in the same way as a physical appointment. The first consultation between physician and patient must be a physical appointment.