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Personal Health Environment

A Personal Healthcare Environment (PHE) is your personal medical file, not that of the healthcare provider. You can decide for yourself what information you store here and with whom you share it. CMyLife uses the Patients Know Best design for PHE. If you already have a PHE, please click here.

BCR-ABL graph

Use your PHE to collect all your information from different healthcare providers in one place. You can enter the information yourself, either manually or by linking the MedApp and other healthcare apps to your PHE. The information collected, such as the registration of side effects, is clearly displayed in your PHE and you can discuss it with your healthcare provider.

View the manual on How to link your MedApp.

Collecting data

You can also use your PHE to document your BCR-ABL values. When you log in on your PHE through CMyLife, you will see a clear diagram with the progression of your test values.

View the manual on How to enter lab results.

Guideline App

The GuidelineApp will be available in the App stores soon. When you enter your BCR-ABL values into your PHE, this app shows what the CML treatment guideline prescribes based on your health data. The app also indicates when, according to the guidelines, your next check-up should take place.