MedApp CMyLife

MedApp: Medication App

The MedApp app provides support for optimal medication use. Additional to keeping track of your medication use, you can keep track of symptoms and side effects and make audio recordings of conversations with your physician. To do this, turn on the special CMyLife module. MedApp is constantly optimized according to your wishes. Therefore the app is constantly updated. MedApp, containing the CMyLife module, is available in the App Store for iOS devices and in the Google Play Store for Android devices.

The MedApp allows you to:

  • Set medication alerts
  • Keep track of medication intake
  • Keep track of side effects so you can discuss these later with your hematologist or others
  • Keep a logbook
  • Record conversations with our physician so that you can listen to these later
  • Read leaflets
  • Tracking CML side effects

Medication alerts and inventory management

Taking CML medication

Keep track of CML side effects

Solving problems


Privacy is a continuous concern of MedApp, and the app does not process any personal data. The only time personal data is processed, is when you use the app to request a medication passport using the MedApp server. You will be explicitly asked for your consent when you request this.